„Time is now“,

there is no turning point, regretting what happened and will happen. Big Fashionhouses produce new collections each season with the aim to push sales with strategy-X. We witness this year that almost all big Coorporations pushed their climatepromises further, selling hope to the naive consumers. „Sustainability, as we know it, is no longer effective. It has been buried under layers of empty words and greenwashing. Losing its true meaning and purpose,...“ ¹ More and more products get produced and end up in overstocked vintage stores or on the landfill.

¹readymade textiles - Article : Sustainability is dead

upcycling workshop with the purpose to educate communities how to deal with and reduce (garment) waste.

CODE WELTFRIEDEN, an introduction to recycling/circularity and how to implement it in your own life.

Long Tran Thang

COO & Creative Director